(MT) Taman Negara Capsules 1/8oz


Psilocybe cubensis var “Taman Negara” is a strain that was originally collected in Taman Negara, Malaysia and then domesticated. A relatively new strain that comes from hot, humid regions. The active components of Taman Negara are not only enjoyed for its recreational or spiritual trips. Psilocybin is now used to treat mental health disorders. Numerous studies have been conducted on the beneficial effects of low and high psilocybin dosages. They can alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. They are also used to treat alcohol and nicotine addictions. Users of magic mushrooms have also reported a more positive outlook after using them. Additionally, Taman Negara can provide essential benefits like increased focus and concentration, higher creativity, better mood, improved social awareness, and so on in a small amount.

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CAUTION: Consume slowly in a safe environment. Do Not Operate any motor vehicles while using this product. Keep Out of reach of children and pets. The Golden Teacher magic mushroom is a great introductory mushroom and also one that has many people coming back to use on a regular basis. It is a great strain to for beginners to get started with and a favourite of regular magic mushroom users. Its effects provide a mix of spirituality, bodily warmth and buzzing or vibration, euphoria, and light visual hallucination. The Golden Teacher magic mushrooms are also a great choice if you’re looking for deep conversation, profound thoughts and spiritual depth in your psychedelic trip. In a nutshell, they can help you view life from a different angle.